Insulated Log Homes


As a more energy-efficient alternative to solid log construction, we offer insulated log construction.

These energy efficient laminated logs virtually eliminate several problems associated with solid log construction: shrinkage, settling and splitting.  They are built perfectly straight, and stay that way – no more bowing or twisting.

The kiln drying process kills any fungus or insects living in the wood.  Depending on the type of foam insulation used, R-value can vary from R-5 to R-7 per inch. Logs are available in sizes from 6″ to 12″, with lengths up to 24′.



Insulated log home

Several corner options are available, and we can get them as a precut package or in random lengths.  These are t&g laminated logs made with kiln dried wood, can have smooth or hand-hewn face, and are available in D-shaped, flat/flat or round/round profile. They can be made with Eastern White Pine, Western Red Cedar, Eastern White Cedar, or a combination (for instance, cedar exterior and pine interior).


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