Panelized Log Homes

Another approach to building a custom log home is with panelized construction.  When using this approach, your walls (and possibly floor and roof) are pre-built in a factory and then shipped on a truck to your home site.  Our framing crew then works with a light crane to erect your home on the foundation.   This prefabrication greatly accelerates the framing process, and gets us to a weather-tight shell more quickly than any approach except modular construction.  The log siding and interior finishes are then completed on-site.

As custom home builders, we always recommend panelized construction when a client wants a “stick-built” home, or one with a design that does not lend itself to modular construction.  We are firm believers in systems building (having as much work completed in a climate-controlled factory as possible).   A panelized log home can be customized to your wildest dreams, and provide all the comfort and charm of a solid log home without the settling, shrinkage and splitting issues of solid log construction.

Panelized log homes are typically built with traditional 2×6 and plywood construction walls, and conventionally framed roof and floor systems.   Our sister company, Saratoga Construction, is very experienced in this type of construction.


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